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Generator Source, LLC provides service rentals and sales to meet all your power generation needs. We have over 40 years of experience in sales, service, installation, and repair for all sizes of generators.

Generator Source provides new, surplus and low hour used generators and accessories.  We also offer field service and rentals in our local markets of Colorado, Florida, Southern Wyoming, and Georgia.

Company Headquarters - Brighton, Colorado

The company headquarters is located in Brighton Colorado (near Denver).  The location has is a massive 14-acre facility. In 2015, we completed construction on a 20,000 square foot office and indoor warehouse. This adds to our other structures including a 10,000 square foot fabrication shop. 

Additional Location - Jacksonville, Florida

Generator Source also has a 5-acre facility in Jacksonville, Florida.  We used our 40 year history of generator sales and service to optimize the facility. The location is setup with an equipment yard, forklift, crane, generator inventory, and offers field service to businesses throughout the state of Florida.

Our stock ranges from 200 to 300 generators of all sizes for sale. Once a generator is purchased, we arrange to ship through our approved shippers. With an extensive inventory of generators and shippers available, we can get even the largest of industrial generators to any site in a rapid time frame.

We are certified by Cummins to sell new light industrial generators. We routinely add new Our sales staff can help you select the right generator for your application, and our rental service can fulfill your short-term power generation needs.


Generator purchasing and shipping complete the initial steps of obtaining a power generation system. Installation and testing are the next steps of the process. Our technical staff can install and test your purchased generator and accessories. This service provides our clients with the reassurance that when power fails, backup power will start, and power will be supplied seamlessly.

Generator and supporting systems maintenance are essential after installation. We can design and implement a planned maintenance system to accommodate all power generation requirements. If your generator failed or is not performing to specifications, our technicians will arrive on site in a service truck equipped to repair the issue.
We are a One-Stop, Full-Service business. Give us a call at 844-870-1221 or Contact Us to start the process. Some of our services are illustrated below.

Deinstallation and Installation Services

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There are many different reasons for scheduling a deinstallation and/or installation of a generator set. Some common reasons are:
  • Business Expansion - More emergency or primary power is required by business to support increased demands. Generator and supporting equipment are replaced to support greater power demand
  • Business Shutdown - Business is shutting down and vacating the building. The generator and all supporting equipment must be deinstalled and sold or disposed of
  • Increase Capability - Generator in building is sized correctly but has a mechanical fuel system and decreased electronic control capabilities. Generator and all supporting equipment can be replaced for system with increased monitoring and control

Generator & Equipment Deinstallation

The use of the building often determines the emergency or standby power equipment required to be removed. Hospitals, datacenters, and some specialized production facilities have critical power requirements and use more advanced backup power systems.

Each deinstallation project is different from the previous one. Generators are commonly located in spaces or areas that are not easily accessed. Some locations require some disassembly of the generator to navigate the building during removal. Roof-top generators require a crane with proper height and weight capabilities.

Generator Installation & Associated Fabrication

We install generators for both indoor and outdoor applications. Outdoor generators require a bit different skill set than indoor generators. These generators are installed in a weatherproof or weather-resistant container. Accessibility to the unit can be a challenge. Often generator installation is completed after removal on an existing unit. Recently we removed an existing generator in a locomotive and installed a unit with greater capacity. New generator mountings were fabricated, and the locomotive exhaust system and modifications were part of the tasks. For more information go to Canyon City Locomotive Generator Replacement.

Generator installation indoors can have multiple steps. Getting the generator into the space can add an extra level of difficulty. Framework mounts on the pad may have to move. Radiator connections to the building fresh air louvers may need fabrication steps. Building fueling system capacity may need to be upgraded to support increased generator size. We pride ourselves in the ability to install a generator in most any location.

Maintenance, Testing & Repair

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Performing scheduled maintenance and testing combined with repairing issues that can cause failure, ensure there is emergency power when required. Maintenance steps are performed on generator on a calendar schedule or accumulated hours of operation. Most commonly divided into quarterly. semi-annual and annual checks. Each generator manufacturer recommends inspections and tasks to be performed during these scheduled checks. All generator maintenance is conducted in accordance with manufacturer specifications. 

Maintenance will often identify upcoming problems that could cause a generator to shut down. Conditions such as worn belts, damaged hoses and low fluid levels can cause an emergency power failure because of generator engine shutdown. We pay close attention to detail when inspecting generator sets. Often clients return for creation of a service contract. To see some of the projects we have completed go to Project Profiles.

Testing the generator is often identified as an included check in maintenance programs. Starting the generator but not running under load conditions can be part of an industrial generator requirements. While load testing the generator is used in facilities with critical power needs. Load testing places a varying load on the generator for a predetermined number of hours. Maintenance combined with load testing adds an additional layer of protection to the generator.

When a generator fails any test, does not operate to standards or shuts down during operation, it requires troubleshooting steps to identify the cause of the problem. Generators consist of two independent systems communicating with one another to deliver needed power. Engine is the prime mover for the generator. Engine Electronic Control Module(s) (ECM) monitor and control engine functions. The generator controller monitors the alternator and communicates with the ECM to accommodate loads. 

Our skilled technicians can view electronic alarm messages and determine the faulty component within the failed system. Repairs are completed to manufacturers specifications. The generator is tested and returned to Automatic mode of operation. Sometimes building equipment such as an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) or failed electrical distribution equipment can cause an emergency power failure. We can troubleshoot and repair any failed emergency, standby, prime or continuous power system.

Rental Generators in Colorado & Floridabetmgm sports betting

We have a large stock of rental generators ranging from 20 kW to 2000 kW available in both portable and stationary packages. Cummins, Caterpillar, SWP & MTU are a few the manufacturers of generators on the yard. Renting a generator provides:
  • No large initial up-front investment
  • No long wait for generator order to be fulfilled
  • Maintenance and repairs completed by our dependable shop technicians
  • Troubleshooting services provided in the unlikely event of generator malfunction
Portable units are a popular option for ease of transport. These generators are complete units (including fuel tank) ready to supply power. The generator control panels are user friendly and provide unit alarm and monitoring functions.

All units are equipped with Department of Transportation (DOT) approved lighting, towing and safety equipment. Smaller units use ball & hitch connections, dual and tri-axle units use ring & pintle and larger units are connected by a 5th wheel arrangement.

Stationary units offer all of the ease of operation but are not on a trailer structure. They must be loaded onto a flatbed or tractor-trailer vehicle. Once set on level ground, they are ready to be connected to the grid to supply power. 

All of our generators undergo a 31-point inspection prior to ready-line placement. We offer industry standard rental terms. Some longer-term rentals are for stationary units. We can arrange shipping & crane services. All of our providers must meet rigid requirements. For more information, go to Rentals.


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