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In addition to being one of the largest sources for commercial and industrial surplus new and used power generators, Generator Source provides a variety of services to assist customers with their on-site power generation needs and requirements.  We offer all the options below here at our shop and can customize most generators to meet customer requirements prior to shipping.  For customers in the Mountain West and South Easter Regions, we can also have one of our technicians travel on-site to service large industrial generators as needed.  We have a fleet of stocked service trucks and offer ongoing planned maintenance service agreements and also provide one-time repairs.

Services that we provide:
  • Voltage Changes  - our power generation technicians change voltages on large industrial generators almost every day.  There are certain restrictions based on the current configuration of each generator set (namely the # of leads, they must be re-connectable, and a few other factors). Not every generator can be converted but the ones that are can be configured in a variety of ways.  Convert 480 to 277 or vice versa. This service is an hourly rate we offer to all customers. 
  • Control Panel Installations & Upgrades – for times when customers require a certain type of more advanced generator control panel than a genset may have on it (for remote monitoring, load sharing, peak shaving, etc.) we can remove the old one and replace with whatever is required.  We work with all the major name brands from Deep Sea Electronics to Woodward Controllers to Caterpillar EMCP panels, and Cummins Power Command series just to name a few. 
  • Frequency Changes – we have successful converted numerous industrial gensets from 60 Hz to 50 Hz for various international clients who run their operations on 50 Hz current.  This can often be accomplished by engine modifications but can also involve third party products like frequency convertors or specialized OEM parts. 
  • Phase Conversions – this mostly applies to smaller generators that are under 250 kW and not all generators apply but we can often change your generator from single-phase to three-phase or from three-phase to single phase based on your needs.    
  • Voltage Regulator Replacements – most newer generators have self contained regulators that come with the genset package now.  However, on older units this is a part that sometimes goes bad or needs to be swapped out to meet unique requirements.
  • Load Bank Testing – all the generators we sell go through intense load bank testing this is at no-charge and is to ensure we can provide the best possible hassle-free equipment to our customers.  We can also perform additional on-site load bank testing services as needed for larger generators.
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Sizing - offer site preparation and planning to help you determine what size switch you will need to meet your needs and the best way to plan for that.
  • Fabrication – if you can think it up we can help you build it with numerous skilled fabricators on staff.  We have customized trailers, enclosures, and more to meet unique requirements.
  • Oil Analysis – we perform on-site analysis of every generator that arrives or can send it to one of our partners and get test results back in short order.
  • System Sizing –for customers that do not have expertise on staff we can provide system sizing consultations from on-site analysis and customized plans to engineering.
  • Battery Testing & Replacements – while most people take batteries for granted, every generator requires a functional battery to operate.  Fact of the matter is battery is at the top of the list of generators that will not start. We have relationships with numerous battery dealers.
  • Painting – we take care in only sourcing the highest quality low hour equipment we can find.  For this reason, most of our generators look great and we do not paint units all that often.  However, there are times when customers request it and we are more than happy to provide this service.
  • Shipping & Freight – With over 30 years of experience, we have shipped large power generation equipment all over the planet.  Shipping heavy industrial generators requires logistical competence and frantic attention to detail.  We can assist with weight, dimensions, work with carries and brokers, schedule cranes and more.  We have handled projects in excess of 20 MW and 14 full length truckloads in one shipment down.   
  • Belt Replacements
  • Paralleling Configurations -
  • Transformer Installation and Configuration
  • On-Site Troubleshooting  
  • On-Site Planned Maintenance

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