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Data Center Equipment and Support Systems

Equipment Used in Data Centers

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In addition to purchasing generators and used power generation equipment Disel Service & Supply also buys a wide range of data center equipment.  The equipment used in data centers varies depending on the size and purpose each facility. We can divide most data center equipment into the two systems below:
  • Servers and Supporting Systems
  • Backup Power and Auxiliary Systems
All of the components that comprise a system have value. The systems can individually be repurposed into new or existing systems. Our extensive partnerships allow us to purchase complete data centers. Some examples of equipment purchased are listed below by category. 

Servers and Supporting Systems

Servers provide the end product for a data center. Many are divided into racks with multiple servers placed in the rack. Each server requires an independent voltage source. As they operate, heat is generated. The servers are cooled by the internal cooling unit(s) for each room. They are supplied by chiller units located externally. The output from the internal cooling units is routed to the server racks by vents in the flooring. Common components purchased are:
  • Servers and associated communications equipment
  • Server room flooring including rack pedestals
  • Internal cooling units
  • External chiller or refrigeration units
  • Piping from chiller/refrigeration unit to the internal cooling unit
  • Ductwork from internal cooling units
  • Flooring systems and raised pedestals
Ductwork and piping can be repurposed, and many expendables have a recycle value. The above list represents basic groups of components that make up a system. Many systems have additional equipment that we can purchase. 

Backup Power and Auxiliary Systems

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Generators and their auxiliary systems supply backup power to the server center and building in the event of a utility power failure. Indoor and outdoor generators are used for data centers. Generators placed in sound attenuated enclosures are used outdoors. Fuel tanks are included in these generators. Generator support systems are needed with these generators. The backup power system can be divided into generators, supporting equipment, and controls/distribution categories. The equipment includes:
  • Controls/Distribution
    • Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS)
    • Circuit breaker panels
    • Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS)
    • Distribution and control panels
    • Cables, tracks and conduits that route to panels
  • Generator & Supporting Equipment
    • Diesel or natural gas generator
    • Exhaust pipe from the generator to outside
    • Intake duct work for engine air supply
    • Charging system and starting battery for generator
    • Day tank(s) and controlling systems for fuel supply
    • Storage tank(s), fuel transfer pumps and fuel pipes
    • External cooling systems, holding tanks and heat exchangers
Expendables, piping, and ductwork can hold a value. While not a big-ticket item, the combination of all contained in a large data center complex can quickly add up. 

Generator Source helps companies large and small to maximize the value of older assets, and decommission and de-install their surplus and used equipment throughout the US and Canada. Call Us at 800-659-2073 or contact us online to discuss your project with a purchasing agent today.


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