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Generator Decommissioning 

If you are considering removal of your existing back-up power system, give us a call at 844-413-5055.  When we purchase power generation equipment from clients we provide our customers with the following services throughout the continental United States and many parts of Canada. Generator Source specializes in removing large commercial and industrial generator sets ranging from 200 kW and above.  We have also decommissioned power plants and multiple generators supplying up to 20 MW of power in one on-site system. For more details see below:

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The definition of decommissioning is to withdraw from service. There are many reasons that generators are decommissioned.  Some common circumstances listed below:
  • Standby Power Upgrade - Facility has expanded. It is more cost effective to use larger generators(s) than to add to existing system.
  • Facility Shutdown - Standby power not needed.
  • Technology Upgrade - Generator can be sized properly for power demands but, technology advancements allow for remote monitoring and ease of operation.
Standby or redundant power systems can consist of many components including automatic transfer switches, transformers, electrical wiring and fuel storage tanks. Each component has associated State and Federal regulations. Our proven decommissioning processes adhere to all regulations using industry standard practices.

The skilled technicians at Generator Source have removed generators from data centers, hospitals,  health care facilities, utility sites and telecommunication installations. With over 30 years of decommissioning experience, we offer a seamless and prosperous solution to removing and purchasing your generator and associated components.

Site and Facility Inspection
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The inspection step is the first part of the removal process. We will arrive at your facility to inspect and document all on site equipment to determine the most efficient process of removing your equipment.  Generator specifications and condition are noted. We can supply the following services:
  • Automatic transfer switch removal. This switch transfers to generator when power is lost and back to utility supply when power is regained.
  • Transformer disconnect and removal. Some facilities utilize transformers for redundant power supplies. Transformers step-up or step-down input power.
  • Fuel and storage tank removal. Stationary sound attenuated units are equipped with installed fuel tanks. Normally,  DOT regulations do not allow any liquid transfer.
  • Electrical wiring removal. We can remove all wiring and conduit for your redundant power supply system.
  • Data center equipment disconnection.
During this time we determine who will be responsible for various duties associated with decommissioning a redundant power system. Some industries have dedicated in-house personnel that can handle some or all of the disconnection work. While other facilities have established contracts with a preferred vendor that performs removal and installation duties in a combined package. Some of the considerations can be:
  • Engine fuel, oil and coolant removal. 
  • Disconnection process.
  • Shipping to our facility. We can arrange for a crane to remove and load generator and trucking with our approved companies.

Equipment Removal and Shipping
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Generator Source takes pride in their project management capabilities. Depending on customer needs we can provide the following services:
  • Coordinate removal details with all associated vendors contributing to process.
  • Schedule cranes for day of removal/transportation.
  • Disconnect generator and equipment in emergency power system. Including termination and updated labeling.
  • Removal of hazardous liquids.
  • Restore all systems to operating conditions prior to emergency power system installation.
We have been buying and decommissioning generators for over 35 years. To inquire about selling your generator or to scheduling a decomissioning project Contact Us today.


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