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Data Center Decommissioning Services in the US & Canada

Data Center Equipment and Construction

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Data centers are constructed in various types and styles. Some common styles are:
  • Corporate - Central electronic brain of the company, can control internal/external company process and store data
  • Web Hosting - Provides space on a server (owned or leased by customer) and provides internet connection capabilities 
  • Web 2.0 - Web 2.0 data centers used in virtual reality content such as social networking and social media sites
Data centers are designed and commissioned for the needs of the particular industry. Removing an existing system for an upgrade or performing a total data center demolition are a couple of reasons for considering decommissioning services on an existing data center. These data centers are a complex design of servers and support systems.

Data Center Auxiliary Systems

Large data centers produce huge amounts of heat and must be cooled. Servers are located on a floor base that allows for maximum circulation of cool air. Refrigeration units or chillers supply cooling medium to heat exchangers in Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) units. This piece of equipment circulates cold air to the servers. Warm air output from the servers is then circulated through the heat exchanger to be cooled for reuse. Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) units help maintain the server room's ambient temperature.

Emergency Generators supply power to the data centers in the event of a utility power outage. These systems can be a complex design of a generator and support systems. Switching and circuit breaker panels, Fuel day tanks, fuel transfer pumps, cooling pumps, heat exchangers, and cooling water tanks are common auxiliary systems.  

Data Center Decommissioning (DeCom) and Demolition Service Options

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Decommissioning and demolition of a data center can be a complex process. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), local, state and federal regulations must be followed. 

Data center demolitions can also be extensive projects. Once all hazardous liquids are reclaimed or disposed of, the equipment must be removed and stored or sold and everything must be properly documented along the way.

Generator Source offers complete data center decommissioning services throughout the United States and select areas in Canada. Our project management teams and long history has allowed us to build an extensive network of partners to completely handle all needs from planning to equipment removal. We can purchase all data center associated equipment including, chillers, raised flooring, emergency generators, and auxiliary equipment. We will also purchase HVAC and CRAC units.

We offer a turn-key decommissioning service that includes: Generator Source has been dealing with these kinds of projects and doing heavy equipmenmt removals for over 37 years.  Our experienced team can fly out and do an on-site visit and walk through and handle everything from concept to completion or customize a solution for any speciic customer needs.  ​To get more information and talk with a specialist about these services call us at 844-413-5055 or contact us online.


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